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This Pour Labs pet tag will be laser engraved with a unique QR Coded serial number, powered by PetHub, that identifies your pet and provides 24/7 protection.


It also opens your beer.  

Size: Small / Front: Logo / Back: QR / Color: Select Below

  • Instructions

    When your Pour Labs tag arrives ACTIVATE it by simply scanning the  QR code or visiting our website. During the activation process you will be prompted to create a profile for your pet that will be visible by anyone who scans the QR code on your pet's tag.


    As seen in the product images to the left, your pet's profile can include as much information as you'd like:

    • Picture of Your Pet
    • Pet's Name
    • Your Phone Number and/or Email Address
    • Street Address
    • Rabies Vaccination and License Numbers
    • Breed, Weight, and Birthday
    • Favorite Toys and/or Treats
    • Medication, and much much more!


    * Note: Pour Labs recommends removing other tags from your dog's collar to prevent scratching the QR code. Plus, what else would you need on their collar anyway?

Pet Tag Size
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